Highest Paying PSO Jobs

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When women of all ages look for the best paying PSO jobs they generally tend to discover that you have hard involved, lots of experience needed or that they would like you to become cam or photo model also. The only real downside is because often are looking for a unique physique, young, toned, slim and appealing (and many times this can be unrealistic). Although some you you might actually fit these requirements, there’s certainly lots of you that do not and that’s ok! However it can definitely hurt your chances when you are considering high paying PSO work. The first thing to do is join a site like SINCats.com and merely work for yourself. The BEST part is any payments go directly to you not some faceless company who won’t provide you with a break. Much better, better for your client and better pay as you get to hold all the money you’re making.

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Many people consider cam work, and the good news is no matter you look like as there’s a need for all kinds of people, large, small, tall, thin, women of color, even pregnant women and couples. Lots of PSOs who head to cam work do explain how they believe it is easier sometimes than having to think of something to express all the time, in particular when they’re creating a video or they don’t really work with a mic all the time also. You can have 1-2-1 cam sessions as well as group ones, you are able to perform how you like or you can take orders which can be in your boundaries and guidelines. Giving your web visitors something to look at could be a dream come true, particularly if mention it in the call, you will be doubling your wages within minutes so why wouldn’t you give it a try?

If you want to end up in the field of online sex work and believe that being in front of a video camera is an excellent move for you personally then consider these handy tips:

1/ Have a very good webcam and/or camera. Grainy videos and photos won’t be appreciated and definately will lose you clients in the long run. It could be costly but it will likely be a good investment that pays for itself quickly.

2/ Have some nice outfits to utilize, being visually appealing is a great way to keep people coming back.

3/ Take your time, you can be sexy with your clothes on, don’t rush to getting naked or client will probably get excited fast instead of hang around.

4/ You are able to hide your identity, do not show see your face much if. You can even wear very heavy make-up and a wig as well as wear a masquerade mask to generate yourself look totally mysterious!

5/ Use props, these can be adult sex toys, food, feathers, scarves, what you may can obtain. Have some fun and earn everything really pretty and visually appealing.

6/ Produce a backdrop. This must not be fancy, it could be a plain blanket or some curtains. After all, no one is going to be interested in your messy room without anyone’s knowledge!

7/ Have a great time and if you’re without having fun, then take a rest.

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Highest Paying PSO Jobs

Highest Paying PSO Jobs

Highest Paying PSO Jobs

A PSO is a Phone Sex Operator.  This may be surprising to you, but the reality is that phone sex is a very profitable industry and accounts for over 8 billion dollars annually.  There are many people that work from home making big money as phone sex operators and this can be a fun and safe way to make money.

The question is how to find the Highest Paying PSO Jobs.  Of course you want to make the most amount of money possible, so it is important that you do not register for a pay per minute website that is going to pay you a small amount of money.  

If you are new to this industry it may be a shock to realize that on every pay per minute phone sex website they charge you a connection fee and take about 50% of your earnings.  This means that if you charge $2.00 per minute then you will only receive around $1.00 per minute from the company.  This is important to know because if you are not careful you will lose a lot of money.  

So how can you make more money?  The answer is to sign up for a website that gives you the ability to be an independent phone sex operator.  This means that you set your own hours, contact customers directly and receive payment directly from your customers and not the website.  If you charge $2.00 per minute then you should receive $2.00 per minute – no less.

SINCats.com is the only website that offers this service.  They have an easy to use website that gives you the ability to register and have an LIVE account within minutes.  Plus you never need to provide personal details such as a photo id or address.  

You can even create alternative payment options such as Amazon Wish Lists, Green Dot Money Paks and much more!  


Never underestimate the power of independence. There is a BIG difference between working on someone else’s website and sharing your profits and being fully independent. Most performers work for a company or sign-up for an existing webcam or phone sex network. These performers then have to split their earnings with the company. This often amounts to 50% or more. In addition to that all clients that sign-up on the website belong to the company and the performers cannot contact them directly. Why does this happen? It happens because there are no other choices – at least until now. In the past (before SINCats.com) performers had no choice. Unless the performer knew how to setup a website, market that website and connect with clients, they had no choice but to sign up for an existing service.


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Highest Paying PSO Jobs